The Freedom of Living Simply

The past few months have brought a ton of change to my family. In August, I sold my home and moved to State College, PA. Blessed by finding a furnished guest house to rent, I left most of my belongings back in Ohio.

This past weekend my parents downsized, selling the place our family called home for over 30 years to move into a retirement community. My mom and siblings spent hundreds of hours the past few months deciding what to keep, sell or give away.


A week before moving into their new home, they removed much of their furniture to sell at an auction. I worried that my parents would grow depressed living in their beautiful home for that week without most of their familiar surroundings. But, much to my surprise, my mom said she felt “liberated” by the empty house!


I’ve found the same to be true as I live here in PA without most of my “stuff.” It’s incredibly freeing! Looks like I’ll need to sort through it again before my next move to sell or give some more away.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against owning material possessions. I have realized, however, that the more I own the more complicated life becomes. I’m doing just fine without all the stuff in all those boxes back home! Simple living has become a stronger value each day.


What about you? What stuff are you holding on to that you don’t need? Who might you be able to bless with it?