A Team Culture Nugget From Iverson’s HOF Speech

Writing a Hall of Fame induction speech must be so overwhelming! (I’ll never know for sure)

Overwhelming gratitude from remembering the many people who helped shape your life and success, and overwhelming stress from trying not forget anyone.

Allen Iverson was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and a clip from his enshrinement speech struck me.

Within his myriad of thank you’s was this little gem…


How about that?

A Georgetown walk-on gets a shout-out for his contribution to a hall-of-famer’s career.

Pretty cool.

I gleaned a few priceless reminders from this clip:

Being a great teammate takes humility.

Sometimes humility looks like asking for help. [Tweet That!]

Iverson could have walked in puffed-up pride, refusing to admit that a walk-on had a better move than he did.

Instead, he asked Dean Berry to teach him the move. Then he stayed after practice everyday and put in the work to perfect it.

Admittedly, Iverson isn’t necessarily known for his humility. But in this instance he swallowed his pride and it benefitted him and his team.

On the flip side, sometimes humility looks like helping a teammate get better even though you barely see playing time yourself.

Dean Berry could have basked in the pride of having a better move than his superstar teammate.

Instead, he shared that gift and helped the superstar become even more skilled. He put the good of the team ahead of himself.

Humility has become a bit of a lost art in our self-focused society. But just a little dose of it can change everything.

When we admit the ways we need help or put team needs ahead of our own desires, we make our team stronger.


Every team member has something to offer.

I bet sometimes the walk-on-without-his-name-on-his-jersey wondered what good he was doing getting beat on every single day by his teammates.

I bet he felt like quitting more than once. But he didn’t.

Instead, he invested in the life of a teammate and made a profound, lasting impact on not only his game, but his career.

Berry may not have had the role he wanted, but he made the most of the one he had.

He believed he had something of value to offer and put his teammate’s success ahead of his own desire for recognition.


Transform Your Culture

Just imagine the bond created by a bunch of individuals who humble themselves and treat every team member like she really matters to the success of the team.

Cultivate and celebrate humility and respect on your team and watch your culture change for the better!


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