Talent matters. But talent alone doesn’t win championships. 

Back in 2012, Notre Dame women’s basketball was rising to elite status with Skylar Diggins leading the way. 

They had talent, but it took something more for them to get to the Final Four. 

Stephanie's Real Colors® workshop strengthened our team chemistry by getting us to understand each other better, and definitely contributed to the success of our season.
Muffet McGraw
Retired Notre Dame Head Coach

Elite coaches know that winning championships takes more than talented players.

It takes a group of individuals who love each other enough to willingly sacrifice and serve. 

It takes people who trust each other enough to be comfortable being their truest selves. 

It takes teammates who gladly embrace whatever role they are given for the good of the whole.

Watch how Mississippi State softball developed a stronger understanding of one another  that made a big impact on their team experience. 

I can help you create that kind of connection on your team!

My workshops ignite meaningful interactions between your players and staff that lead to stronger love and trust.

That love and trust results in better communication and teamwork.

All of which lays the foundation for better performance. 

Let me create an experience that gives your team an extra edge!

Contact me at coach@lifebeyondsport.com or 937.602.0584.

So thankful Stephanie spent time with my team. The insight and knowledge my team and staff gained can only enhance our opportunity to be the best we can possibly be and to win championships.
Vic Schaefer
Head Coach, Texas Women's Basketball
The Real Colors workshop really made an impact on our team. It gave our players a better understanding of themselves and their teammates, and really helped to bring our team closer as a unit.
Missy Doherty
Head Coach, Penn State Women's Lacrosse
Stephanie's workshops opened the door for our team to experience each other's strengths and weaknesses. The facilitation was professional, organized and engaging. Our team easily bought in and will use this for the rest of their lives!
Cindy Griffin
Head Coach, St. Joe's Women's Basketball