Finding the Silver Lining When You Lose Your Job

After nine months at KPMG accounting firm I received a call to meet with a partner about my annual review. He told me that I was the opposite of most first year employees—I had the people skills but not the technical skills to succeed at the firm. They were letting me go. Never did I think that I would get fired from my first job out of college! Looking back, this marked a defining moment in my life.

My Favorite New Year’s Tradition

A few years ago I learned of a helpful exercise that uses the lessons learned in the past year to inform the year to come. It’s simple but produces profound insights. Grab some coffee, tea or hot cocoa and spend an hour with these questions. You’ll ring in the New Year with purpose and direction that will lead to lasting results in 2012.

Though Kevin Cook found success as an assistant at Kansas and for the four-time WNBA champion Houston Comets, he may be experiencing his most rewarding success at Division III Gallaudet University, the world’s only all-deaf college. When he arrived in September 2007, he didn’t know sign language or that the team hadn’t won a conference …