Colonel Steele on Leadership

Colonel Gary Steele gave a keynote address to the Penn State Athletic Director’s Leadership Institute (ADLI) recently, sharing some insights on leadership. Col. Steele is the first African American to earn a varsity letter in football at West Point and went on to a successful career in both the military and corporate America. Some thoughts …

Powerful Delegation

Most leaders feel like there’s just not time enough in the day to get it all done. Yet, many have capable people around them who could help share the load! The challenge for those of us who like being in control is properly delegating responsibilities to others.

Nature or Nurture?

You’ve probably heard someone (or maybe yourself) described as a “born leader”. What’s your take on that? It’s an age-old debate…are leadership qualities in our DNA or developed with time, effort and training?

A Must-Have Conversation for Coaches

Building winning teams is hard work! So many moving parts. So many things that can go wrong. As coaches, you want every advantage you can get to give your team the best opportunity for success. Yet many coaches skip one simple step that makes all the difference. One conversation that directly impacts your team’s ability …