5 Simple Steps to an Unforgettable Thanksgiving

When we take a moment to reflect on life, we realize the many lives that have touched us. People who positively impacted us in one way or another.

Perhaps a coach or teacher. Maybe a friend or neighbor.

One team building exercise I love to do with teams allows team members to talk about someone other than their parents who has been a hero to them. I often wonder how many have ever told those heroes of their impact.

My pastor spoke on gratitude recently and shared a cool exercise he learned about from researcher, Martin Seligman.

To honor someone who positively impacted your life in the past, but whom you may not have ever thanked, Seligman suggested the following:

  • write a tribute of his/her impact on your life
  • laminate it
  • invite the individual to get together for coffee or a meal (but don’t tell them what it’s about)
  • when you get together, read them what you wrote (making as much eye contact as possible)
  • after you’ve read it, give them the tribute as a gift

Seligman says this exercise not only blesses the person you’re thanking, but it also increases your appreciation for people in your life right now.

A number of years ago, my siblings and I did something similar for our parents. We each wrote letter thanking them for the many lessons they taught us, as well as the ways they loved and provided for us.

We bound the letters in a booklet and gave it to them at Christmas. Mom could barely make it through reading the first paragraph, so dad finished reading it aloud.

I’ll never forget that moment and what it meant to them to read the difference they made in our lives. They treasured it, having read it many times.

As we approach the season of giving thanks, consider your opportunity to pay tribute to someone who helped you become the person you are today.

Your gratitude will create an unforgettable moment for them…and for you.


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