Seeing Pink—The Vision of Coach Kay Yow

Have you seen them? All those women’s basketball teams wearing pink uniforms, shoes or socks? Pink Zone week reminds the women’s basketball world of one of its most beloved leaders, the late Kay Yow. Coach Yow asked God to help her find a purpose in her cancer and he responded with a vision to mobilize the “nation” of women’s basketball coaches to help find a cure.

It all began with the first Hoops 4 Hope game at NC State in 2006. Since then the momentum has grown into the Pink Zone—an amazing week when thousands of teams wear pink uniforms and implement creative ideas to develop awareness and raise money for cancer research (and specifically the Kay Yow Cancer Fund).

All the excitement of Pink Zone week started with one person, one vision, one desire to make a difference.

Pastor Andy Stanley says that visions are often born in the soul of a man or woman gripped by the tension between what is and what should be. In his book, Visioneering, he gives three questions that can help you discover your vision:

What’s bothering you?

What is the solution?

What should be?

Coach Yow was bothered by the thought of more women enduring the pain of cancer and knew the only way to change that was to find a cure. So the solution became using her influence to help raise awareness and money along with finding ways to encourage people with cancer and give them hope.

And her vision lives on through the Kay Yow Cancer Fund and Pink Zone!

What is your vision? How are you moving toward it? Please inspire us with your comment below.