Make It Personal

In my role here at Cedarville University, one of my responsibilities is growing our booster club.

Co-workers and I were discussing our basketball hospitality suite and strategies we could adopt to make it a more attractive benefit for boosters.

As we created a list of ideas, one of them reminded us that we could implement all kinds of different strategies, but what we really needed was to make it personal.

To add a personal touch.

This is of maximum importance no matter what your undertaking.

And it’s so basic that I overlook it, thinking the latest bell or whistle will accomplish more.

The prompting caused me to pick up the phone and extend personal invitations to our season ticket holders to attend the hospitality suite.

Nearly every single person I spoke to showed up.

That has nothing to do with my charm and everything to do with the fact that people crave a personal touch!

What does this look like in your world today?

Who needs a personal touch from you?

  • your player?
  • your co-worker?
  • your athletic trainer?
  • your grad assistant?
  • your boss?
  • your spouse?
  • your donors?

Think about how you can reach out today with a conversation, phone call or handwritten note.

Making it personal will make all the difference!