Contagious Strength


This presentation of the Disney Sports Spirit Award to Pitt running back, James Connor, touched me deeply:


Obviously the fact that Conner went from chemo to practice was pretty amazing.

But even more moving was the “randomness” of a woman thousands of miles away in a heap of tears and pain on the floor, seeing the strength of another person afflicted with the same disease. And as a result, gaining strength to pick herself up and to do something positive.

They couldn’t be more different—a young, black male football player and a mid-age, white, sideline reporter—yet one profoundly impacted the other. Conner’s strength was contagious.

What a beautiful picture of what we offer others when we choose to keep going despite the odds.

You can’t possibly know who is watching your life.

And although your show of strength may not be as dramatic as running sprints after chemo treatment, it may be just the boost an onlooker needs.

Walk strong today!

Here’s the video of the full presentation of the award in case you missed it: