The Power of Joy

The Power of Joy

I bet you remember the last person you were around who exuded great joy. They just make you feel lighter, don’t they? If you’re like me, you leave their presence wanting to be a better person and to do your part to make an impact on the world.

Today I experienced afresh the power of a joy-filled person! I was introducing myself around the room at my networking luncheon and when the speaker stood up to shake my hand I realized that he had been one of my teachers in the 6th grade. I won’t tell you how many years ago that was…suffice it to say that I was amazed when he remembered me!

I had no trouble remembering him, however. I only had him for summer school, and I remember that while he held high expectations for us to learn our math, he did it with a smile and an encouraging spirit. I loved being around him! I actually looked forward to summer school because of him.

This got me thinking about the profound impact we can make in others’ lives when we choose to be joyful. It’s been decades, but I still remember how this man influenced my life. Being around him back then gave me life and hope, and it did the same today.

Now it’s my turn. I want to give that same gift to the people I meet. Who knows how that might make a difference today or in the years to come!

Question: who have you met in the last week who exuded joy? How did their joy impact you? Please leave your comment below.