A Quick Way to Unify NCAA Division I, II & III

A Quick Way to Unify NCAA Division I, II & III

As many of you know, the NCAA held the Division II and III Women’s Basketball National Championship games in Indianapolis during the 2016 Division I Final Four.

Over 6,400 people attended, which was a record for the Division III game and the highest attendance for the Division II game since 1995. The atmosphere was electric and created an amazing student-athlete experience for these players who demonstrate the same dedication and commitment as their Division I counterparts.

It was encouraging to see coaches and fans of all levels attend the Division II and III games, and the coaches association and convention seemed more unified as a result. Division II and III coaches felt both validated and included in the excitement.

Check out what an assistant coach of one of the Division II teams in the championship game said:

I am an assistant coach at UAA and that was an experience of a lifetime. The atmosphere was unreal. The NCAA did a wonderful job putting this event on. This is an experience our team will never forget and will be the highlight of my basketball career.
—Shaina Afoa

I heard overwhelmingly positive comments from college coaches, players and fans alike, yet learned that the NCAA may choose not to host all three championship games in the same city again!

This is a big mistake and missed opportunity when it comes to growing the game.

Would you use your voice and influence to help us encourage the NCAA to keep the championships in the same city?

It will take less than 2 minutes!


  • click here to sign the petition (we have over 500 signatures but need to send an even stronger message!)
  • share the petition on your favorite social media channel(s)

Regardless of what sport you coach or if you’re not a coach at all, your participation would mean so much!

Grow the game,


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