One Thing Great Leaders Do

One Thing Great Leaders Do

You probably heard how NBA player, Kevin Durant, nixed the nicknames he’s been given lately and made up his own—the Servant. He talks about it in the last minute of this video.

The response from the media has been interesting, mostly because they don’t know what to do with a nickname like that. Michael Wilbon on ESPN’s PTI said it implied “servitude.” Others have said it’s stupid.

I feel differently! How refreshing is it to see a superstar, professional athlete want to be known for serving others? In a time when so many elite athletes think the world exists to serve them, it’s a counter-cultural perspective.

The best leaders seek to serve others. I remember the first time my boss saw me putting together notebooks for a conference we were hosting and asked if she could help. Surely she had much more important things to tend to. But there she was serving. That gesture made a huge impact on me.

When the leader serves others it communicates the importance of service and humility to the rest of the team. It promotes a culture of teamwork. Kevin’s desire to serve his teammates, the fans and others can only increase the unity and cohesion on the Thunder team.

Can you imagine a whole team of individuals with that mindset? That kind of selflessness would lead to more wins, and a powerful impact on the world.


Who will you serve today?