Listen Up!

Listen Up!

Everyone knows that communication is a cornerstone of stellar leadership. Coquese is forever telling our Lady Lion point guards that they must lead on the court through communication. Sometimes we forget, however, that communication consists of more than just the spoken word. In fact, the other part of communication—listening—may be even more important.

Learning the discipline of closing your mouth long enough to truly listen will have positive benefits for your team like:


Fresh ideas: though most coaches seek as much knowledge as they can get, the truth is that no one knows everything. The people around you are a bastion of excellent thoughts and ideas for improving your offense, defense, teamwork or just about anything else. If you want to stay on the cutting edge, you’ve got to tap into this vast resource! Create space for them to share their thoughts and be open to learning from them.


Validate co-workers: Taking the posture of a listener validates the people around you. Your co-workers and players want to be heard. They want to contribute to the success of the team. When you humble yourself and listen to them, you communicate that they matter and that their ideas are important. This increases their productivity, not to mention their motivation to keep bringing their best.

On a scale of 1-10, what score would the people around you give to your listening skills? What would help you improve?