How I Renewed My Motivation

How I Renewed My Motivation
Last night I spent some time online researching tours of the Holy Land. I’ve always wanted to take one with a great Bible teacher and plan to make happen in the next few years.


The tour that interested me most is pretty intense, with 6-10 miles of walking/hiking a day for 10 days. I want more than just to see the places that are such an important part of the faith I’ve based my life upon, I want to experience it!


But looking at the vigorous schedule, I wondered if I could endure it physically—particularly in light of my chronic back problems. They obviously recommended a training regimen of extensive walking and hiking in hilly terrain to prepare.


I noticed that just the thought of training for this trip changed how I approached my exercise this morning. I felt motivated to do more and even got on the stair climber for a portion of my workout. I got a fresh picture of how working toward a specific, measurable goal impacts my day-to-day mentality, motivation and performance.


The last few weeks I’ve felt somewhat lost and stuck at the same time. Completely lacking in motivation. Wandering somewhat aimlessly through my days. This morning I realized why:


1. I’ve stopped reviewing my LifePlan each week. This practice helps me keep my values and mission in front of me so that I live more on purpose.


2. I am not working toward any goals—personally or professionally. I have lots of ideas but nothing written down to work toward.


Making time for these two activities will get me back on track, inspiring me toward the life I want to lead.


When you feel lost or stuck, what has helped you get back on track?