Eggs, Carrots and Coffee Beans

Eggs, Carrots and Coffee Beans

I heard this word-picture recently and it stopped me in my tracks—just had to share it with you.

The boiling waters of life affect people in different ways. The cool (no pun intended) thing is, we get to choose our response to immersion in hot-water situations.

If we’re like an egg, the hot temps will make us hard. We may grow bitter and grouchy, losing hope for better days. Our hearts may become hardened and cynical, unable to see the good that can come from adversity.

If we’re like a carrot, the hot waters will make us soft. We may easily give up the fight, growing content with living defeated lives. We adopt a victim mentality that life is so hard that there’s no point in even trying to overcome.

But if we’re like a coffee bean, being immersed in hot water results in changing the water. When life throws us tough situations, we impact the situation rather than allowing the situation to change us.

If we want to excel in leadership, we’ve got to be like coffee beans (I don’t like eggs and carrots that much anyway!).

We’ll respond to the boiling waters of life with more steadiness and consistency, but even more importantly, we’ll make a distinct and positive difference in the world by changing the color of the water around us.

Have you observed a leader who exhibited the characteristics of a coffee bean when responding to challenges? What impact did he/she make? Leave your comment below.