Coach & Mother of 5 on Life Balance

Coach & Mother of 5 on Life Balance

Many times, we introduce people relative to their career. But it’s not enough to tell you that after a 7-year stint as the head coach at Trinity University (San Antonio), Amie Bradley just landed her dream job as special assistant to the head coach for Texas women’s basketball, where she was a four-year starter back in the day.

Though impressive, Amie’s career is not the detail most people remember. What sticks in their mind most is that Amie is a wife and mother of five. Needless to say, many ask her how she does it all!

Amie shared her thoughts and strategies on life balance recently at A Step Up, a symposium for assistant coaches and directors of operations organized by Felicia Hall Allen. (Big props to Felicia and her husband Johnny who put on a first-class event that I highly recommend!)

From my notes:

Life balance starts with discipline. Amie’s discipline starts with making her bed right after she gets up, first so she doesn’t get back in, but also so no matter what, she starts out the day already having accomplished something.

Life balance is also about choices. Amie named four choices crucial to her work-life balance:

  • Choose to have a grateful heart with respect to both work and life. Practical ways to cultivate a grateful heart include:
    • developing friendships outside of basketball—they give perspective
    • reading good books and apply what you learn
    • not focusing exclusively on to-do list for sense of satisfaction; life is about more than what you did/didn’t get done that day
  • Choose to write down your goals:
    • not just for career but life goals too
    • use a journal to write them down
    • revisit them often
    • make them specific and break them down to daily goals
    • not only for your benefit, but also to show your players how
  • Choose to refuel:
    • no excuse for not refueling
    • don’t wait until breaking point
  • Choose to be practical:
    • laundry—oftentimes the first room you walk through when get home; get it organized to avoid overwhelm feeling when you walk in the door
    • clean sink—before you go to bed do whatever it takes to clean the sink; waking up to a clean sink gets the day off to a much better start; you’ll feel better about life

What is your favorite life balance tip? Please share below.