3 Questions with Wyoming VB Coach Carrie Couturier-Yerty

3 Questions with Wyoming VB Coach Carrie Couturier-Yerty

Carrie Couturier-Yerty begins her fifth year at the helm of the Wyoming volleyball program after 12 years as the head coach at Memphis. Last season the Cowgirls finished 21-11 with a 9-7 mark in league play (the most conference wins in school history). Highlighting the season was a win over 23rd ranked Colorado State, the first Cowgirl victory over the Rams since 1997. Even more importantly, 11 players earned Academic All-Mountain West honors. 


1. When you were first starting out, what did a coaching mentor teach you that continues to impact your coaching today?

Over the course of 20 years of coaching I have had several mentors that have had a huge impact on me and have helped me along in my coaching career.

One recurring theme that each have addressed with me at one time or another is to always remember that coaching is what you do and a gift from God. It is not who you are, nor is it what defines you! Let the love of Christ shine through you and let the work you do as a servant leader define who you become! This was one of the first things my SWA, Lynn Parkes, said to me when I first took over as the head coach at The University of Memphis.


2. You’re a big believer in team building off the court. What’s one activity you’ve done with your team that had outstanding results?

Wow, team building is huge and we have done so many things! One thing we do every year is called “Cowgirl Up.”

We divide our team into two teams for a two-week competition in which they score points by winning random, non-volleyball competitions. These can occur anytime during the day or night. The winner of the mini-competitions gets possession of the prized “Cowgirl Up Hat”.


If the winning team captain is caught without the hat on the other team can steal it for bonus points. Each team has a team name and a War Cry! It has been awesome! Can be a lot of work for the coaching staff, but the players look forward to it all summer.

3. As a wife and mother of three, what is one helpful organizational tip that has made life easier for your family? 

The best organization tip is our Calendar. We have a volleyball and family calendar that is color coded and updated weekly. Every Monday we sit down as a “Staff Family” and update and make any changes that are needed.

Our volleyball staff has a combined  number of 14 children, 10 of which are under 13. By having this master calendar we all know what is coming up and how we can help each other stay sane!