3 Questions with Ashland Coach Sue Ramsey

3 Questions with Ashland Coach Sue Ramsey

Sue Ramsey enters her 18th season as the head coach of the Ashland Eagles. In 2012, she led her team to an undefeated run through the GLIAC on its way to a GLIAC Tournament Championship, NCAA Regional Championship and a trip to the Elite Eight. The Eagles’ overtime loss in the Division II National Championship Game brought their record-breaking, 33-2 season to an end. The WBCA Division II National Coach of the Year and Carol Eckman Award winner, Sue is known for her enthusiasm, hugs and love for her student-athletes.  


1. This year marks the 40th anniversary of Title IX. Many young athletes and coaches aren’t too familiar with the impact Title IX has had on women’s athletics. As one who has lived it, what do you want them to know?    

Title IX was and still is the catalyst for the opportunities and acceptance of girl’s/women playing sports. This “law” heightened people’s awareness that exclusion from opportunities based on gender was wrong.   Once those barriers were broken, girl’s /women gained the right to pursue not only sports, but also other fields like medical or law school where they had been previously banned.

Now people say “Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.” That is great! But it took many brave people willing to fight for Title IX—sacrificing jobs and careers to change the culture. Today’s female athletes are the benefactors of the people who made those sacrifices. I hope and pray they do not take it for granted and think this is the way it has always been!


2. Your team broke many records last season, making it all the way to the NCAA Division II National Championship game. Now that you’ve had time to reflect on that experience, what did you learn that will impact your coaching this year?

Many blessings were bestowed upon me and my team this year. As I reflect back and look forward, I focus on these three things:

  1. Gratitude – appreciate every minute of the journey and those you are with
  2. Communication – make expectations and roles very clear
  3. Celebrate – be joyful for each and every day


3. What’s your best advice for up-and-coming coaches?

The best advice that was given me at the beginning of my coaching career 33 years ago was…

Do these 2 things and you will be successful…at coaching and at life:

  1. Pay attention to details
  2. Take care of people