3 Questions with Emory VB Coach Jenny McDowell

3 Questions with Emory VB Coach Jenny McDowell

Jenny McDowell has elevated the Emory University volleyball program to national prominence, culminating with the Eagles’ claiming their first-ever NCAA Championship in 2008. McDowell has guided Emory to 16 consecutive appearances in the NCAA Division III Tournament, including three trips to the Final Four. 

1. You’ve built a tradition of success at Emory and, as a result, have received (and turned down) many offers to coach at other levels. What do you love about Division III?

When I decided apply for the Emory job in 1996 I thought it was going to be the experience I needed to get back in to D1 as a Head Coach.  However, each year that goes by I realize Emory is exactly where God wants me to be.  I love the student-athletes that I get work with at Emory; extremely drive academically and athletically.  Our program is supported exceptionally well by the university and athletic department which has led to our success on the court.

Yes, I have been offered Head Coaching positions at other universities but I truly feel like I have the greatest job in the world!


2. What is the best advice you received from a coaching mentor? 

When you are faced with difficult decision just do what is right!


3. What have you learned about motivating today’s student athletes?

If you build player/coach relationships based on trust and demonstrate daily how much you truly love and care for them they will go through the wall for you.